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Music Streamers - Wireless Music Systems : Sonos ZoneBridge (Bridge)

Sonos ZoneBridge (Bridge)

The Sonos ZoneBridge 100 makes setting up an all-wireless Sonos system wonderfully fastÖand easy. Instead of using a ZonePlayer, simply connect the ZoneBridge to your router to instantly activate the SonosNet wireless mesh network. Now all your ZonePlayers and Controllers can work wirelessly and be put anywhere in your house. Itís the ideal solution if your house doesnít have Ethernet wiring or your router is in a room where you donít want music.

Although the ZoneBridge doesnít play music like the ZonePlayer, itís incredibly cost-effective when it comes to extending the range of your Sonos system and expanding the Controllerís wireless coverage. Plus, itís great for connecting other products to the Internet.

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ID: ZB100 $49.00
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