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Discover Whole House Audio

Distributed Audio

Do you ever want high quality sound in every room of your home? With our whole house audio systems, your music can follow you wherever you go in your home without having to purchase separate systems or music players for every room. Not always does everyone in the house want to listen to the same music. Now, each family member can listen to their favorite music whenever they want.

How Whole House Audio Distribution Works

We install a multi-room system in your home wherever it is convenient for installation (home theater, media room, wiring closet etc) and distribute the audio to individual rooms/zones located throughout your home. All of your audio sources including satellite radio, streaming services, CD players and music from your phone or tablet can be connected into the multi-room system to create a centralized audio library that can be shared with the entire family. Using an easy-to-use touch screen interface and/or your portable devices like smart phones and tablets, you are able to listen to any of the audio sources in high fidelity from any room in the house.

Sonos       Sonos       Heos

Individual Rooms and Zones

Each room has the ability for individual controls for audio selection and volume etc with built-in stereo speakers. Mom can listen to a classical music station in the living room while Dad listens to the ballgame on satellite radio out on the patio and the kids are listening to streaming music in their bedrooms. Instead of everyone trying to listen to the same music from the main system in your home theater or media room, you can now share the entire audio library and control them in each and every room.

In-Ceiling Speakers
In Ceiling and In Wall Speakers

Whole House Music Benefits

- A single system with individual music control
- Distribute audio to any room in the home
- Access music library on iPads, tablets and smart phones
- Personalized entertainment options
- All of the best streaming music services are supported and available

Access all your favorite music, all the time, with streaming Internet Radio. 

Streaming Services Pandora iHeart Radio Rhapsody tunein SiriusXM Napster Deezer Rhapsody Pandora iHeart Radio tunein SiriusXM Napster Deezer

The Best in Home Audio Systems

Our home audio systems give you maximum flexibility and for the ultimate audiophile experience when we connect your multi-room system to your home WiFi network. Using a mobile app, family members can control the entire audio library via the homes WiFi network and listen to them in any room. The freedom to walk around the house, going from room to room, without an audio interruption is now a reality and an amazing entertainment experience.

When you download online music you can choose to have it immediately available in the home audio system which will enable you to grow your music library and share it with all devices connected to your home audio system. This can be a big savings from having to buy and download music for each device. Also, since your audio library is stored in the main system where it can be safely backed up instead of being stored on individual devices, it will not be lost if you lose or misplace your personal device. Want to access your video library too? Just let us know - we do that too!

Palm Beach Sounds And Cinema is your complete source for high quality home entertainment and control systems!

At Palm Beach Sounds and Cinema our mission is to be your premier resource for the highest quality, affordable audio & video products. We offer top brands that have been selected for their ultimate performance and quality. We offer excellent one on one customer service, a unique and extensive product line and competitive pricing! You can shop with confidence as your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Come see and hear the difference today!! 

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