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SubWoofers : Paradigm Reference Studio Sub12

Paradigm Reference Studio Sub12

On Sale - was $2499 - now $1999 High-Excursion Bass Drivers
These proprietary bass drivers, a version of which was first seen in the incredible Signature SUB 25, were designed, engineered and manufactured by Paradigm in North America: 12 inch (308 mm) in the SUB 12 and 15 inch (380 mm) in the SUB 15. With unwanted resonances, standing waves and micro-distortions non-existent, these subwoofers display incredible definition, awe-inspiring dynamics, lightning-fast speed and gut-wrenching power.

Mineral-Filled Co-Polymer Polypropylene Cones with RCR™ Resonance Control Ribs
Engineered for very high power, the high-stiffness design is intrinsically low in distortion, allowing the bass cone to respond instantly to the starts and stops of even the leading edge of changing bass notes.

Advanced Multi-Layer Polyurethane-Composite Elliptical Surrounds and Dual Oversize Spiders
Optimized using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), a highly advanced tool for component design, the surrounds' multi-layer composite matrix, with its high-tech surface treatment, encourages extended cone excursion. Staggering peak-to-peak excursion, with exceptional linearity and cone control.

Large 35-lb (15.8 kg) Computer-Optimized Magnet Assemblies Boast Balanced Field Geometry
Using Finite Element Analysis, the subwoofers' oversize magnet structure has been optimized to produce a powerful high-density symmetrical magnetic forcefield while minimizing inductive distortion. Transient and phase response, power handling and output linearity are all exceptional.

Dual Efficient Ultra-Class-D™ Amplifiers with Switching Power Supplies
Boast more than 90% efficiency! Optimized to completely control the operation of the bass driver. Prodigious total output: 3,400 watts of Dynamic Peak Power; 1,700 watts (850 watts each amplifier) of RMS Sustained Power.

USB Port
Allows for: Connection of the optional Paradigm® Perfect Bass Kit (PBK-1™), sold separately and Future upgrades to software installed on your subwoofer.

Available in Cherry, Rosenut & Black Ash. Piano Gloss Black available - add $300

This item is only available to our South Florida customers at our West Palm Beach showroom.
No internet / mail order sales unless otherwise indicated.
Showroom Floor Model
ID: SSUB12 $1,999.00
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