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Receivers : Marantz SR4023 Stereo Receiver

Marantz  SR4023 Stereo Receiver

LAST CHANCE! - This model has been discontinued! No more stereo receivers from Marantz!
Your first glance at the SR4023 stereo receiver reveals a sophisticated three dimensional front panel design first seen on our Reference Series components. And thatís not just for looks either. Instead, the combination aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced resin panel shields internal circuitry as it absorbs unwanted resonances that might influence sound quality.
The next thing youíll notice is the simple, non-intimidating design ñ this is the ideal receiver for a smaller one-room music system. Or for a sub-zone in a whole-house audio distribution system.

The large EI core transformer and oversized capacitor bank comprises a rock-solid foundation that feeds all the internal circuitry. The fully-discrete amplifier develops 80 continuous watts per channel so you wonít lack for power even when your system is really wailing.

But if youíre hungry for more, the SR4023ís preamp out/main amp in jacks allow easy connection of a brute-force power amplifier. A separate low-pass preamp output lets you add the powered subwoofer of your choice as well.

Screw-type connectors for two sets of speakers assure tight contact, regardless of wire size.

And when was the last time you saw a high quality phono preamp in a receiver? Well, look no further than the SR4023ís moving magnet input. Hereís convenience thatíll fuel any vinylholicís dream.

A stereo receiver with video switching capability? You can connect up to four composite video sources to your SR4023; send your choice to a monitor for immediate viewing or to a video recorder to preserve events for the future.

The feature list doesnít end there, either. For custom installations, the SR4023 includes an RS-232 bi-directional communications port so you can use an advanced touch screen control system. And you can choose any of the three infrared command code sets that let you build your whole house system around three SR4023s. A detachable AC cord helps ease the SR4023 into tight spaces. An infrared flasher input lets you route IR signals to it even if your SR4023 is in a closet or cabinet.

If youíre concerned that someone might change your carefully chosen settings, the SR4023ís Front Key Lock disables all front panel controls except for Power/Standby. But youíll still have full access to all functions with your hand held remote controller.

With a full complement of features, typical Marantz dedication to sound quality, and an easy-to-use interface, the SR4023 stereo receiver takes its place as the ideal choice for those who like exceptional performance without compromise or complexity. If that describes you, this is one receiver you must listen to. After all, isnít that what Marantz is all about?

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