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Floor Standing Speakers : Definitive Technology Mythos ST with integrated SuperCube subwoofer - Black (each)

Definitive Technology Mythos ST  with integrated SuperCube subwoofer  - Black  (each)

The Mythos ST SuperTowers®, which has already been awarded the coveted 2007 CES Innovations Award for Design and Engineering Excellence, begins with a sleek and sexy polished black or silver aluminum monocoque cabinet mounted on a beautiful polished granite base. It contains extremely advanced Definitive components and technologies that have been engineered to deliver sonic performance truly in a class by itself. The Mythos' trend setting concept of form and function has dramatically evolved and goes considerably further in the ST through the incorporation of high power built-in SuperCube subwoofers right into the sleek aluminum cabinets.

"Rarely have components this pretty managed to sound this good."
-The Perfect Vision

Each Mythos ST contains a DíAppolito array consisting of two high-definition Definitive Balanced Dual Surround System (BDSS) 5 1/4" drivers (patent pending) surrounding a new generation Definitive pure aluminum dome tweeter, which incorporates a new voice coil, new dome, new surround and new special acoustically contoured faceplate.

The subwoofer is built around a newly designed Definitive racetrack-shaped carbon fiber coned driver, which has a Finite Element Magnetic Analysis optimized magnet structure. This long-excursion, very fast active driver is pressure-coupled to two racetrack-shaped planar medite infrasonic radiators. This amazing subwoofer driver array is powered by a built-in 300-watt digital amplifier. Low frequency performance is exceptional and is basically similar to Definitive's award-winning SuperCube I.

ìEye-popping high-end soundî

Overall sonic performance is in a class by itself especially when taking into account the svelte profile and remarkably affordable price. Imaging and depth retrieval is simply stunning. The STs, whether used in stereo or as part of a multi-channel music or home theater system, are capable of recreating a three dimensional soundstage which is breathtaking in terms of its ability to make musicians and action come alive in the listening room. The resolution of the DíAppolito arrays with their newly designed drivers combines ultimate clarity with a natural silky smoothness. And the soul-stirring bass, which is produced by the dual subwoofers, is capable of earthshaking dynamics as well as the most subtle and detailed musical nuances.

The Mythos STs can be combined with their matching center channel speaker (Mythos Eight) and surrounds (Mythos Gem XLs) for an exceptional surround system that, although not inexpensive, offers unmatched value.

6-3/4" W x 9-1/2" D x 51-1/2" H
Freq. Response: 14 Hz - 30 kHz
Nominal Impedance:
Compatible with 4 - 8 ohm outputs
Recommended Amplification:
20 - 350 Watts/channel.
Efficiency: 93 db
Driver Complement:
Two 5-1/4" high-definition cast-magnesium basket polymer upper midrange drivers.
One 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter.
One 6" x 10" long-throw racetrack subwoofer coupled to two 6" x 10" long-throw racetrack radiators.
Built-In Subwoofer Power Amplifier: 300-watt digitally-coupled Class D amplifier.
Finish: gloss black
ID: MYTHOSSTB $1,999.00 Each
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