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Center Channel Speakers : Definitive Technology CS8060HD Center Channel Speaker - Piano Gloss Black

Definitive Technology CS8060HD Center Channel Speaker - Piano Gloss Black

CS-8060HD :Overview

The perfect match for BP-8060ST or BP-8040ST SuperTower® main speakers
Built-in 8-inch powered subwoofer for ultimate performance and dynamic impact
Second generation BDSS high-definition drivers for life-like tonal balance, superb intelligibility and broad dispersion
One 1 inch Pure Aluminum dome tweeter
Optimum surround sound home theater reproduction places heavy demands on the center channel speaker, which in many respects is the main speaker in the system and often handles 50% or more of the program material. Itís no place to compromise and settle for second best. Recognizing the center speakerís vital role Definitive pioneered the concept of full frequency range high-definition center-channel speakers.

All Definitive CS series center channel models are designed with the same rigid standards and high performance goals as main left and right front speakers and feature wide frequency response and extended dynamic range with extraordinary detail and articulation.

Built-in Powered Subwoofers Make a Dramatic Audible Difference
Most audio experts agree that the ideal surround speaker system would have 5 identical truly full range speakers at every position. But most rooms and setups canít accommodate 5 identical large speakers. So we engineered the next best thing ñ a truly full range center speaker that fits on a shelf.

The CS-8060HDís's built-in subwoofer gives you full impact center channel performance
The CS-8060HD features an 8-inch subwoofer driver vented via a wide cross-sectional area bass port. A 150 Watt amplifier powers and tightly monitors and controls the woofer system to prevent distortion and woofer damage at high volume levels. The bottom line is the CS-8060HDís outperforms any similarly sized and priced center speaker by a wide margin.
Youíll enjoy a truly full dynamic range and full frequency center channel that actually outperforms many floor-standing main speakers. With the CS-8060HD you will fully realize the performance potential of the center channel program material as the movie director intended it to be heard.

Its upward-firing woofer system only requires 1" (25mm) of clearance, so it works perfectly whether you mount it in free-air or put it in a cabinet.

Patented Technology Delivers High Definition and Wide Dispersion
The ìHDî in the name of this speaker stands for High Dispersion. Dispersing the center channel sound evenly over a broad area of the room is vital if all listeners in the room (even those sitting well off-axis) are to hear clear, concise and highly intelligible dialog. Weíve engineered the CS models with our latest generation ultra-high definition midrange drivers that set new standards for wide dispersion.
Center Channel Speaker with built in 8 inch SubWoofer and 150 watt amp
ID: CS8060HD $699.00
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