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Compact Speakers : Anthony Gallo A'Diva SE (each)

Anthony Gallo A'Diva SE  (each)

Anthony Gallo has taken everything that made the original Micro Ti and A'Diva Ti exceptional compact satellite speakers and made them better. The Special Edition utilizes a proprietary ultra-wide dispersion flat-diaphragm transducer that covers a frequency range from 80Hz to22Khz (A'Diva SE) all powered by a single driver. This technology enables these spherical wonders to perform as true audiophile loudspeakers without large enclosures or a hefty price tag. And, because the use of a single driver, the Micro SE and A'Diva SE have no need for a crossover (which always hurts the sound) Then they added Optimized Pulse Technology (OPT) and the patented S2 damping control pods to eliminate all ear-fatiguing colorations, enclosure resonances and distortions. Enclosed in Gallo's renowned spherical enclosures, the result is a set of compact satellite speakers that sound incredible, with a vivid, crystal-clear 3-D sound stage that remains stable regardless of your listening position. For the past 15 years AG has been searching for the "HolyGrail" of small, full range drivers that could achieve the ridged requirements of audiophile loudspeakers. Trying different combinations of materials and laminations to create the perfect flat diaphragm driver for the new Micro / A'Diva Special Edition compact satellite speakers and after hundreds of combinations and almost 15 years later, AG finally nailed it. Available in Black or White. Stainless ($359 ea)

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ID: ADIVASE $329.00 Each
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