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Mono and Stereo Power Amplifiers : Parasound Classic Model 2250 v.2 250w X 2 THX Ultra 2 Power Amplifier

Parasound  Classic Model 2250 v.2 250w X 2 THX Ultra 2 Power Amplifier

2 x 250 watts rms into 8 ohms

2 x 400 watts rms into 4 ohms

2 x 385 watts rms into 2 ohms

700 watts rms mono into 4 or 8 ohms

Cool-running, rack mountable

Introducing the THX Ultra2 certified Model 2250

stereo home theater power amplifier, the newest member of our NewClassic line of high end home theater products. Each of this cool-running power amplifierÝs two channels can deliver 250 watts into 8 ohms, 400 watts into 4 ohms, 385 watts into 2 ohms, and 700 watts when bridged to mono into 4 or 8 ohms. This exceptionally rug ged amplifier is equally capable of driving high performance speakers in a home theater, an audiophileÝs dream stereo system, or long chains of in-wall and ceiling speakers. The Model 2250Ýs sound is a perfect complement to our five-channel Model 5250, and they can be used in combination for an incredibly realistic and heart-pounding 7.1-channel home theater experience.

Parasound has a long history of dedication to superlative overall quality. The Model 2250Ýs quality of sound, quality of performance and quality of construction will bring you listening pleasure for many years to come. Parasound quality is matched with our legendary reliability.

The Model 2250 is a Class AB amplifier designed for efficient, low heat operation. Its fully discrete circuitry is powered by an enormous toroid transformer, and is capable of delivering 45 amps peak current per channel.

It features a switchable 20 Hz or 40 Hz, 18 dB/octave high pass filter that can be activated to minimize wasted bass energy when driving multiple speaker pairs and to negate the reactive load impact of popular wall-mounted volume controls. There is also a impedance selector switch for very low impedance speaker chains. For integration with processing and control equipment, it features both a DC trigger input with looping output and adjustable sensitivity audio signal sensing for automatic on/off control. A ground lift switch is included on the rear panel, as are gold plated RCA inputs, and A/B speaker terminals with individual on-off and heavy-duty 24 K gold plated five-way speaker terminals for each channel.

The Model 2250 includes DC Servo and relay protection circuits, and there are front panel indicators for high temperature, standby, and status of each channel. It occupies three rack spaces when mounted with the optional RMK33 rack-mount kit.


´ THX Ultra2 certified
´ 250 watts rms per channel into 8 , both channels drivenv ´ 400 watts rms per channel into 4 , both channels driven
´ 385 watts rms per channel into 2 , both channels driven
´ 700 watts rms bridged into 8 or 4 mono
´ 45 amps peak current per channel
´ Impedance selector switch for 2 operation
´ Bridging switch for stereo or mono operation
´ A/B speaker terminals with individual on/off
´ 18dB/octave high pass filter, switchable 20Hz or 40Hz
´ Fully discrete circuitry with toroid transformer
´ Efficient, low heat design
´ DC Servo and relay protection circuits
´ Automatic on/off by DC trigger with looping outputs
´ Automatic on/off by audio signal with adjustable sensitivity
´ Gold-plated RCA input jacks, loop output jacks
´ Heavy duty 24k gold-plated 5-way speaker terminals
´ Rear mounted gain controls; ground lift switch
´ 115/230v selector on rear panel
´ Standby, channel status, high temperature indicators
´ 3u chassis with carry handles; RMK33 rack mount kit available
´ (W x D x H): 17.25ţ x 16ţ x 6ţ / 5.25ţ without feet

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